I want to freeze time, because my twins just turned 12 and we all know what comes next. I have already parented a child through the year of 13 and I am not interested in doing it TIMES TWO with the twins and so I would like to speak to the manager or whomever is in charge of either pausing right here or skipping the next year entirely.

12 is a funny age. They are balanced right on the high wire - action figures in one hand, phones (old phones with no data) in the other. They will still cuddle with me on the couch. But they will also engage in (remarkably informed) political discussions, read books and dissect them over dinner, and be actually helpful when they are asked to help out. They can’t quite part with the stuffed animals in their beds, but when did they stop carrying them through the house?

I can’t help but feel that the last 12 years were a trial offer and now the real humans start to emerge. We start to see the hints of who they will become for real - practical, thoughtful, selfless, sensitive. Persistent, resistant, curious, complacent. Their childhood petulism turns into grown-up personality. It’s time to pop the popcorn and sit back and watch them become who they are.

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