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Random But Intentional

Buzz co-owner Jennifer’s car got broken into on Christmas Eve while she was out for a run; the thief made off with her adorable purse, her prescription glasses, and a few credit cards, drivers license, and checkbook. Within an hour, she’d cancelled everything; a week later, new cards and ID procured, she had mostly forgotten all about it, save for the LV wrist wallet she had gotten in Paris at the Louis Vuitton store, a treasured memento. Fast forward to early February, and she comes home to her bag - including the LV, the glasses, and everything else - waiting for her on her front porch with a note saying her bag was found on Ramsey Road.

This lovely Random Act of Kindness set us in motion. We are all in and we are collecting little acts of generosity and selflessness and kindness like the leaves we collected as children, to metaphorically press between two sheets of wax paper and keep with us into the politically contentious year ahead. Join us. Email us about the RAOK you’re experiencing in your life as the giver or the recipient. We’d love to share. info (at) brandywinebuzz (dot) com.

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