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Decisions Are Made By Those Who Show Up

If you haven’t heard, it’s an election year. If you think there’s room for improvement in an area that means something to you and you think it might be time to get a little more involved in the political process, here are a few things that you should know:

1. To vote in Delaware and Pennsylvania, you must be registered before election days.

In Delaware, there are FOUR ELECTION DAYS THIS YEAR. April 28th is the Presidential Primary. May 12th is School Board Elections. September 15th is the State Primary. November 3 is the General Election. In PA, two election days: the primary on 4/28, and the general on 11/3. Why Delaware makes it so complicated is anyone’s guess but here we are.

To vote in the presidential primary on Tuesday, April 28th, you must have a party affiliation BY FEBRUARY 28 (you have a little longer in PA, but why wait?) In New Castle County, Delaware, more than 100,000 registered voters do not have a democratic or republican party affiliation, which means they cannot vote in the upcoming primary. To change this in DELAWARE: To change this in PA,:

2. Now, for whom to cast your vote? For that, I suggest checking facebook regularly and your neighbor, dog walker, vegan cousin, former roommate’s boyfriend, uncle will tell you. Or check some non-partisan sites like or for info, links, and a fun poll that digs into some of the nuances of issues at play in the current political climate.

Voting is the single most important thing you can do to change the status quo, or endorse it. Save the dates and buckle up for primary season, canvassing season, door-knocking season, and political ads on TV season.

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