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Can we talk about what’s really important?

We are washing our hands with a frenzy not seen since two months ago when the stomach bug hit our children’s elementary schools. They wrote Alex Karev off the show and tried to trick us with a lame voiceover. We lost an hour of our lives. We will never get this past week back, this week when Joe Biden — yes, that Joe Biden, the one that bought Girl Scout Cookies from your daughter at Janssens, the one that gave out stickers and selfies in the Hockessin 4th of July Parade, the one that shows up at track events and lacrosse games to raise the bar on not only diplomacy but grandfatherhood, once again catapulted himself to the front page.

But going forward, we have to keep our eyes on the prize: Memorial Day weekend is 72 days away. That means it’s time to pay your pool dues, line up your summer camps, confirm your beach plans, and consider if the children have all grown out of every swimsuit from last summer — because if you wait, the pickings will be slim and if you have a daughter, that just won’t do. The boys don’t care, in my experience.

Deep breaths. It feels like the longest winter ever but trust. Summer is coming. Pinky promise.

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