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Good Luck and Godspeed

It’s been 12 and a half years, and we’ve never not published a calendar of events of what’s going on for kids and families in our area, this week. We have published when we were on vacation, sick, work traveling, giving birth, nursing, sending kids to college and every single thing in between. And we would love nothing more than to be sharing a list of family fun activities to consider this week, except - no. What your family should be doing is staying home as much as possible. Interacting with other people as infrequently as possible. Taking long walks in neighborhoods or parks and not going to public playgrounds — indoors or outdoors. When experts tell us to social distance, which is exactly what they are telling us to do, they are definitely not saying to set up Pandemic Playdates and Coronavirus Campouts.

For fans of dystopian fiction, the question was never if but rather when. Here we are. Today, self-quarantining (and if you aren’t, you should and here’s why: ) with school on hold, everyone trying to work from home, and insanity imminent. Tomorrow? Who knows. We all watch with baited breath as now France is shutting down, which China perhaps slowly emerges. Will it be two months for us? Just thinking like this makes me want to breathe into a paper bag …

… And so, because in hard times we should always focus on gratitude, here are a few things for which I am thankful:

1. The internet. Holy moly I use it as much as oxygen and it is going to be what keeps my family sane in the coming weeks (thank you, twitter, Netflix, and the ability to look up recipes) and possibly alive if this goes on longer. I am currently bookmarking how-to sites with features on how to live off the land, how to grow your own food, and — my personal favorite — how to clean your oven.

2. Olivia Colman. She is fabulous in Season 3 of The Crown and I’m so glad I have not gotten around to watching it yet because it’s so good.

3. A Busy Household. At our house, there are always projects to do. We are never caught up laundry, we haven’t even started our taxes yet, the foyer closet can always use a good purge, and the garage is a perpetual mess. Now we have some time to tackle the projects that never seem to get done.

Ha just kidding. We will never do that because I’m spending every ounce of my energy putting on a brave face for my kids while I frantically refresh the Delaware health link that tells us exactly how many cases have been identified locally and then go back to checking facebook where another germ factory has offered pandemic pricing. DUDE. The whole thing with schools shutting down was for us all to the very best of our ability hunker down along with it. Stay the ef home. Wash your hands. Disappoint your kids. Explain to them that their boredom is their contribution to the greater good. Woman up. NOT KIDDING.

But also - let’s think *a little* globally. If you are going to SkyJumpWhatever because you “want to help them out during a crisis” (I call bullshit) then buy your tix online and don’t use them. If you want to support your fave local restaurant, get a gift card and plan to use it in a few weeks, where you will undoubtedly spend more than the value of the gift card because you’ll be so happy to be out and about that the orders will keep coming. When the theatre offers you your money back, take it in a credit instead - and book another night out in June or September or 2023 or whatever.

The only way we survive this with minimal catastrophic impact is together. That means listening to the health experts now instead of waiting for the government to completely shut us down later. We are all in this together, drinking our quarantinis. Cheers. Good luck and Godspeed to us all.


1. — always a fave. Find out what your kids should be watching, reading, playing — and what they shouldn’t.

2. — museum tours from home!

3. — science fun!

4. — internet safety is for when your kids are on the internet and you can’t be vigilant … like when you have to work and they have an unexpected two week staycation.

5. — also a good resource for helping the kids understand what’s going on

6. — needs no explanation

7. Make sure you are with us on Facebook — we post regularly and with great interaction. Follow along.

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