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Distant but Connected

They call it Social Distancing, but what we all actually need is Physical Distancing — and social connectedness. Not the kind you fools are doing where you meet your friends at the park and play basketball together and you’re all up in each other’s business, or you dumdums that were crowding the Rehoboth Boardwalk. You are why we can’t have nice things. Think NON-CONTACT, NON-CROWDED socializing … a six-foot apart walk with a friend, where you meet at the place in your own cars. Think tennis. Think a zoom brunch, FaceTime coffee dates and happy hours, google hangouts.

This is a hard, hard time — ridiculously so for those with children dealing with compromised health concerns already, but even for those of us that are just dealing with the regular impacts like trying to make an impromptu desk in our bedrooms, adjusting to a new schedule of no real schedule at all, homeschooling our kids, the mountains of dishes from everyone eating every meal at home,

What helps? Look to the helpers, as Mr. Rogers told us. Think of and pray for the medical professionals on the front lines, the government officials working around the clock to make informed decisions and share effective communications, and the essential workers who are showing up day after day to make sure that we can do all the things we need to do. Then take a moment to be grateful for the next level of helpers - the makers of the memes that we are texting to our neighbors and friends and siblings and children. Not all heroes wear capes.

What’s next? No one knows, and for the Type-A Extroverted Planners among us (umm, me), that’s the hardest part of all. Stay safe, be well. x


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