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Just Getting Started.

You know all that research we always heard about that said that kids were less likely to end up pregnant as teenagers or do drugs in high school if families had dinner together? And how you’d be like “well, we have dinner together in the car on the way to sportsball” and you’d pretend that was what the research meant, and you’d tell yourself that you have dinner together as often as you can and then you’d rationalize it and who had time to deal with it anyway?

Listen. These kids better stay off the drugs and the high school pregnancies after 28 consecutive days of family dinners. CONSECUTIVE. It’s like a 28 day program and we are all in. Haven’t missed a day. It’s been takeout a few times and pizza night a couple of times and leftovers night, but it’s been together, and it’s been screen-free, and we’ve all been there. TWENTY EIGHT DAYS IN A ROW.

And we’re just getting started.

But seriously. What will the long-term impacts of this be? It’s already been 28 days for us (we started counting on 3/16, the Monday that school was first off). It will be 63 days by May 18 when the schools are reportedly planning to reopen. (what’s the over/under on THAT???). What will the Covid Effect be, after all this time together? It’s an incredibly anxious and stressful time, but the stressors are so different than the ones we typically experience — instead of feeling like we don’t have enough time, now we have so much that we are content to waste it watching Tiger King and doing puzzles in the middle of the afternoon.

It’s not just impacting family time: we are already seeing reports of clean water in Venice, reduced air pollution in major Asian and European cities, goats taking over villages.

It feels like, with three tweens/teens in my house, the goats have taken over here as well. At least they are all doing their own laundry.

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