We Only Know In The End

Week 6. S i x. And we wait, with too many opinions and not enough facts making it impossible to know what the right thing to do is. Go to the store, wrapped in a mask and gloves - or stay home entirely? Storm the capitol wrapped in assault-style rifles and confederate flags - or don’t? There’s too much news and not enough news all at the same time, like the long mornings we’ve spent watching the snow pile up and knowing that what lies ahead is going to overwhelm us, but not sure for how long and in what capacity.

And so we wait, all of us weathering the same giant storm but squarely in our own boats, six feet from each other, waves crashing all around. For some of us, this is a peaceful time. We are reading and resting and spending time with our family and connecting on zoom and FaceTime. Others? We are completely consumed during the day with little children and big jobs and not enough understanding on either side of the equation. And others - struggling as businesses they’ve built over years or generations are barely holding together.

And still, we wait. As parents, we should be able to relate to this best of all: we nourish and nurture in all the ways possible, providing structure and sympathy and soccer cleats and swimming lessons, all the while weathering storm after storm and to what end? We don’t know. Do they turn out to be adults that contribute to society, or drain its resources. Like COVID-19, and our response to it, we just don’t know yet.

So is all of this worth it? We don’t know yet. We can’t know yet. All we can do is hope.

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