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8 Down. How Many To Go?

Last year for Mother’s Day, all any of us wanted was one day like almost every day of the past 8 weeks — one day of no crazy rushing around, one day of no tournaments and no hurry up we’ve got to go and where are the shinguards. One day of dinner at home, peaceful and quiet.

Now? Yeah. We’ll take anything else. We’ll cash in every bargain we’ve ever made with Mother Nature for a cancelled practice and we’ll pinky swear to never complain again about 5 hours on a freezing sideline or sweltering in the poolside sun.

We’ll trade everyone one of our future Mother’s Days - not so we can get a haircut or a pedicure, although … that would be nice. No, we won’t trade it in for ourselves. Honestly, we can take a few weeks more of this. We’ve got Netflix and no morning rush and we know what it’s like to wait, and wait. We’ve waiting in rooms for the doctor to come back with test results. We’ve waited for that fast whoosh of the fetal heartbeat after a heartstopping moment when it wasn’t there. We’ve waited for acceptance emails and we’ve been through labor and that awful 3 hour glucose test and cumulative hours in waiting rooms. We can handle it.

We want the normal back for our kids. They are the ones that are missing out - they are missing their tournaments and their field trips and their friend events, their proms and graduations. Sure, we are missing it too - but we are missing it as bystanders. They are missing it as participants. After Mother’s Day, we’d normally be in the last sprint to the end of the school year. This year? All we can do is wait for what’s next.

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