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Crying Through COVID

In no particular order, here are things that brought spontaneous tears this week.

1. Driving home from the recycling event at North Star Elementary, windows down and Indigo Girls up, and I passed a house with a front yard riddled with signs and balloons celebrating a graduation. There too were the family members, spread out like a twister board, all in their own space but all together.

2. Dixie Chicks singing Wide Open Spaces while I was vacuuming my family room. Not sure if the tears were brought on by the song or the state of my home.

3. President Obama.

4. SPOILER ALERT: When Dumbledore died in my audiobook - which incidentally is a great accompaniment to long neighborhood walks, working through a few baskets of laundry, or sitting in the backyard enjoying the sun or whatever else Mother Nature is delivering. The brilliant Jim Dale is the reader and he does allll the voices and it’s a glorious escape. Also I have read all the books and seen all the movies so I knew that Dumbledore died.

5. My friend’s FB video of her son’s drive-by graduation. I have never met her son and I’ve never been to his school. I was openly weeping. I expect I will forever openly weep whenever I hear Pomp & Circumstance. I’m tearing up just thinking of it as I write this.

6. Various commercials, most of which are focused on graduation, apps for guided meditation, and families connecting over screens, but even one that was for some kind of shed construction.

7. Sitting 10 feet apart from my sister and her husband in their Trolley Square backyard, with our own cocktails and a firepit, talking about what our summer might look like and mourning the loss of so many experiences and traditions while at the same time being abundantly grateful for our safety, health, wellness, good fortune, and each other.

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