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10 Things To Do Right Now.

Masks. Protests. Reopening. Riots. Graduations. Police Brutality. Social Distancing. Looting. Peaceful Protests. Summer Camp. Elections. Justice. COVID-19. Conspiracy Theories. Black Lives Matter.

The safety of our children, the health of our parents, the wellness of our communities.

THERE IS SO MUCH TO WORRY ABOUT RIGHT NOW. And it is all urgent and important at the same time.

Here are Ten Things You Can Do - because we all want to do something to help:

1. You are entitled to your own opinions, but never entitled to your own facts. Now more than ever, take a moment to fact check what your cousin shared on facebook and the meme you saw on instagram — whether it’s about how a disease spreads or how racism spreads.

2. If you are uncomfortable, that’s okay. You should be. Sit in your discomfort for as long as you can. Imagine if you were uncomfortable all the time.

3. Talk to your kids about racism and privilege.

4. Show up for your community in the biggest way you possibly can: show up for peaceful protests and community events that are sure to be planned in the coming days. Donate to the groups that are working to end violence locally. Use your spending capital to support the businesses and restaurants that have been violated and the ones that show up for the community.

5. Check your media sources - news, podcasts, social, television, print, word of mouth. Are they all the same? Diversify that portfolio, STAT.

6. Talk to your friends about racism and privilege.

7. VOTE. Vote every chance you get. Request your absentee ballot if you are concerned about COVID. Make a voting plan. Learn everything you need to know about how to get your ballot, how to make sure you are registered to vote, and what elections are happening on which days here:

8. Talk to your family about racism and privilege.

9. Talk to yourself about racism and privilege.

10. Talk about racism and privilege.

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