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We’re Over It, But It’s Not Over

Guys, not sure who needs to hear this - but COVID is not over. You may be over it. We may be over it. But it’s not over. New hot spots are emerging in other states, just as Delaware approaches 60% capacity at stores and restaurants and - praise be - salons. All eyes are on the school reopening plans which right now look a lot like a map of the US drawn by a toddler. And all we know is that we don’t know much.

Still, our pediatrician told one of my chicks last week that COVID isn’t going away, so we need to learn to live with it - although “learning to live with it” looks different to everyone. We are learning to live with it by keeping a ziploc bag of masks in the cars, so we are never caught without one and can indulge in a spontaneous stop for a coffee and a donut after a well-check. But we are remaining cautious - masked and focused on clean hands and limiting time in enclosed spaces, not stepping back out into the world quite yet. But there are moments - grabbing a coffee without planning ahead, walking with friends in a neighborhood, sitting around the pool while our kids merrily dive and splash, sitting by the ocean - these moments make it feel almost like a regular summer.

But if we spend too much time pretending it’s a regular summer, our fall will be nothing like a regular fall. We have come so far in drastically reducing the spread in Delaware — let’s keep it going, for the sake of the kids that so desperately need to get back to school in the fall, and their weary parents.

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