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Greetings from Dewey Beach

Sitting on the screened porch of the beach house where we’ve summered for 26 years, it feels like nothing has changed. As I type, I’m sitting at one end of an 8 foot table and my dad is at the other end, reading the paper. We both have coffee. Every once in a while, he silently pushes the paper to me - a ritual we have enjoyed together since I was in high school - and points to an article. There is no talking.

However, it also feels like nothing has changed when you sit on the beach, or bike through the beach towns. And that’s the problem. As of this morning, around half of Dewey Beach’s restaurants (Starboard, Woody’s, Nalu, Hammerheads, Dockside) have voluntarily closed temporarily to help protect their staff and customers from COVID. Beach crowds persist. Boardwalk crowds persist. Mask are seen - but sometimes only covering mouths and not noses, sometimes dangling around the chin area. Not sure if you already know, but covering your chin isn’t protecting anyone.

Let’s go back to basics. Limit your exposure. Limit your kids’ exposure. Socially distance. Stay outdoors as much as humanly possible, but respect the socially distance rules while you are out there. Don’t lick doorknobs. Wash your hands frequently. Wear a mask any time you are indoors in public. Keep on keeping on. This isn’t easy, but I promise - you’ll be glad you stayed home from a crowded restaurant when your kids go back to school. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize.

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