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To School or Not To School

Whoa. As parents, we make hard choices It’s the job, it’s what we signed up for. We name them at birth, we choose a pediatrician and a childcare setting and decide on religious influence and we choose their clothing and whether they ever get fast food and before long the choices we make for them seem so routine that we don’t even realize we are making them.

These days, the choices seem harder. Masks, and where and when and how (OMG over the nose too is how, that’s not a choice, c’mon people). Restaurants? Beach vacation? Decisions we made without a second thought in the past are now weighing heavily on us all. And we are just getting started. Next up, the biggest one of all — what do we do for back to school? In the next week or so, we can anticipate emails and all calls and possibly even snail mail from our children’s schools to make sure we are getting the message about what’s coming next. And then we will all have a choice to make.

This is not easy. Let’s go easy on each other. Let’s understand that this is hard for everyone, and really really hard for some. Everyone is worried. We see it on our feeds and we hear about it in our conversations so often lately - someone’s kid, a hostess at a restaurant, got yelled at. Some jackass cut in line at a store because he didn’t want to be bothered with the six foot rule. Some other jackass yelling at someone to Eff Off in the parking lot at Total Wine. In fairness, that parking lot is a nightmare but c’mon, a little decorum with your 30-pack of Bud Light, okay?

Let’s be patient; let’s go out of our way to make life a little easier for other people. Remember how, after the shooting at Sandy Hook and every year at Christmas time, people were doing random acts of kindness? Let’s bring it back. We need a little kindness right now. Buy someone their Starbucks, overtip the heck out of the kid that delivers your pizza, make a gift to a charity or a candidate just because. Kindness can be free too: let someone in front of you in traffic, offer to run an errand for a friend, scroll right on by if you see something you disagree with online. And while you’re at it, be a little kinder to yourself too. This is not easy.

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