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The Great National Experiment

In states to the south and west, the great national experiment has begun. In some areas, distance learning is up and running; in others, schools are open and students are roaming the halls, carrying their plexiglass desk dividers and masked up (or not, ahem, Georgia). What happens next? A quick google search can tell you about the Maine wedding that gave COVID cases as wedding favors - dozens of guests have gotten sick. We’ve seen headlines all week of colleges closing their dorms after only a few weeks in operation. Private and parochial area schools in Delaware and some public schools in the Brandywine Valley are opening to students in some capacity starting this week. Now it’s our turn.

We have no idea how the great national experiment will end, but we can count on this: mistakes will be made. No plan is perfect. Hiccups will happen. It’s how we handle it that matters.

The best outcome of this experiment is resiliency, and it’s up to us - not the teachers on zoom or the teachers in classrooms - to teach that. It’s up to us. How? By being there. By helping. By building their ability to problem-solve. By modeling resilient behavior. By failing and regrouping and trying something new. Here’s a great article on how to model resilience, reframe our expressions and expectations, and help our kids rise to challenges we wish they never had to face.

And by leaning on our friends and wingmoms and support networks. One thing we know for sure? We are not in this alone.

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