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Keyboard Cowboys

There is a difference between advocacy and politics, and a quick glimpse at the Delaware HS Athletic Parents Facebook group is a great living right now local example of it. An area mom, frustrated by the DIAA decision to suspend fall sports, started a FB group to coordinate parents of high school athletes in an advocacy campaign. Emails, postcards, letters to decision-makers and elected officials have been sent, and around a hundred athletes and their parents showed up for a rally in Dover this weekend to bring attention to the cause.

It’s the showing up that matters. Anyone with a smartphone and 5 minutes can be a keyboard cowboy and troll social media posts. Anyone with a smartphone and ten minutes can write an email and sign a petition. But it’s the showing up that matters. It’s the showing up that brings the media, and it’s the media that brings attention, and it’s the attention that brings the change.

When the kids show up, people really do pay attention. Congrats to every one of them for showing up, making signs, sending emails, and getting involved. We hear so often that teenagers are lazy and they don’t care - but this generation is proving themselves again and again and again. We saw it Parkland, FL. We saw it this weekend in Washington, DC. And we saw it in Dover. These kids are going to change the world, and it’s up to us to have their backs and get out of their way.

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