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3 Lessons from a Teen Mom

Yes, I’m a teen mom. No, not a mom that is a teen - but rather a mom OF teens.

1. Teens are nocturnal. Yes, they want to rock and roll all night, but instead of party ev-er-y day they just want to sleep late and then eat multiple bowls of cereal each day. It’s a throwback from when the elders would go into the caves and the teens of the pack would stand guard for predators. I have opted to let this go and let them get all the sleep they want/need in the summer time. September will be here before we know it.

2. Teens only want to be with their friends. Their brains basically force them into it - a throwback from when the the teens would have to go out on their own into the wild and form their own packs. Go with it. Support it. Help them be better friends.

3. It’s hard for them to know how to act their age. Are they little kids? Big kids? Young adults? No one knows. Not even them.

It’s a wild ride, parenting teens. Hang in there!

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