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A Holiday To Remember

Santa got his vaccine from Dr. Fauci himself - and our friends and neighbors at Christiana Care and Nemours and Beebe are getting their vaccines too. When it’s your turn, please sign up. Why? Vaccines cause adults. Kids weren’t included in the studies so it’s up to us (spoiler alert, it’s ALWAYS UP TO US) to protect them - and the way we do that is by getting vaccinated the very first chance we get, and continuing to wear masks, keep our distance, and make good choices about how we spend our time, and with whom.

300,000+ American families are celebrating the holidays this year without loved ones. While you are enjoying yours, whether it’s in your driveway or over zoom, keep them in mind.

And in 20 years your kids and their cousins will look back on their childhood Christmases and you know what will stand out among memories of warm family gatherings in living rooms? That one time we had Christmas in the driveway with masks on.

Cheers and good luck to us all. Together, we’ll get through this.

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