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A New Year, Finally

It will be a New Year’s Rockin’ Eve like no other - an empty Manhattan on the TV, an empty living room right here at home. 2020 will finally be behind us. We start the year filled with hope, toasting to the possibilities that lie ahead and reflecting on the memories we made.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Christmas with our family. 17 of us gathered in my driveway, five separate tables for the five separate families that gathered. Individual cheese plates and crudite, individual dessert plates, and we took turns - one family at a time, masked - to hit the crock pot for beef stew, our traditional family Christmas Eve meal. It was neither Christmas Eve nor traditional, but it was certainly memorable.

We made it work. I think that’s the essence of 2020 - and what we’ll carry into 2021 - we made it work. It wasn’t what we always envisioned, but we made it work. Family events reimagined, micro-weddings (did you see this one:, school from home, work from home, everything from home … we made it work.

And we’ll keep going. What choice do we have? We will keep making it work as long as we have to, as we celebrate each time one of our front lines friends gets vaccinated.

Also, this PSA: I have heard from healthcare workers that instead of ringing bells for them, they just want you to stay home and not get COVID.

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