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All politics is local

If you live outside of the current Representative District 4 - or honestly, even if you live inside of it — you may not know there is going to be a special election in a few weeks. This is a side chapter from your Civics textbook, the lost episode of Schoolhouse Rock, an unpublished book called “What to Expect when you weren’t expecting to have to go to the polls this early in the year."

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The members of the Democratic Representative District will choose a candidate, and the members of the Republican Representative District will choose a candidate, and those candidates will participate in a special election to be held on Saturday, March 5.

2. You have to live in the current RD 4 to participate — this RD currently runs from parts of 202 close to Wilmington west toward Hockessin, wrapping up at the point between Rts. 41 and 48 (Westminster area). It’s a wonky RD and come November, will be moved completely to Sussex County. Learn more about this here:

3. You can expect candidates to be announced this week and if you are in the RD, you can expect to have your door knocked, literature dropped on your porch, and your phone to ring. You’ll go to the polls on Saturday, March 5 OR you can vote in person (first time Delaware is hosting early in-person voting after a bill was passed last year!) at the Department of Elections OR by absentee ballot if you request one soon. Learn more about this here:

4. And one more thing to know: speaking of door-knocking, the Governor has been out doing his share of door-knocking to tell residents in the City of Wilmington about the Wilmington Learning Collaborative. Learn more about it via our GUEST BLOG this week, and tell your school board reps what you think.

All politics is local, they say. Let’s see just how local it can be.

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