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You know what Amazon needs? They need a way to search based on the problem you are trying to solve. Stick with me here. Imagine if you went to amazon and typed in your problem and it directed you to the tried and true purchases that would help. Like a crowd-sourcing plug-in of some kind. It would be like combining the HGG / NWM crowdsources with the exact item you need. So, enter “hip pain” and get a gel seat rest thing for your home office, plus discount naproxen and stretching bands. Type in “deep kitchen drawer” and you get the exact organizing items you need, drawer liners that don’t slip, and maybe even a few cute dishtowels.

ALSO, while on the subject, did you know that if you go to instead of just amazon, you can direct a very small portion of your purchase to a non-profit? It’s amazon’s way of giving back and while it should NOT replace your charitable giving, it’s a way to make an impact. 

And one more thing: OMG VOTE. Just go to your polling place and VOTE. 

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