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Are You Up for the $2 Challenge?

If there’s one thing we can all agree upon right now, it’s politics; curfew time; allowances - JUST KIDDING!! - it's ICE CREAM! Ice cream makes things all better, doesn’t it? No matter what your age. You know what else feels good? Donating $2 (just $2!) to help a nonprofit that supports children and adults with developmental delays and disabilities.

Easterseals has partnered with Friendly’s Restaurants for a ‘Cones for Kids’ Campaign through October 31. Here’s the ‘scoop’ - For each $2 donation, customers receive 5 coupons for free Kids Cones plus a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase at Friendly’s. (Coupons are redeemable from November 1-30.) The dollars raised in the campaign will benefit Easterseals Children’s Therapy Services including physical, occupational and speech therapies and will help children here in our local community.

It’s important to note that I do not work for Easterseals or Friendly’s. I do, however, have a daughter with a disability who has benefitted from Easterseals - and I would love to see schools and community organizations compete in the “$2 Challenge” for Easterseals by visiting a Friendly’s before Halloween and making a donation.

Consider stopping by after school, or a sporting event, or on the weekend -- when you know your kids (and you) just want to have ice cream for lunch or dinner. Encourage your kids to break open those piggy banks and have them count their coins for a $2 donation. Skip the Starbucks for the day and put that $2 towards the Easterseals’ mission.

Funds raised by the Friendly’s ’Cones for Kids’ campaign will make it possible for kids with disabilities to make strides towards important early milestones that will give them a strong foundation for the future.

On behalf of my daughter, Natalie, thank you for your consideration of the $2 Challenge!

Karen James is an advocate for the special needs community in Delaware and has a daughter with a rare genetic condition who inspires her to help those who need it most.

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