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Baby Book Moments

When they are little, the baby book moments come one after another. First time they slept through the night! First major public diaper blow out. First tooth. First steps. First haircut.

Fast forward a decade-plus, and the baby book moments are few and far between. First of all, there are NO haircuts. On the plus side, also no diaper blowouts. There are getting the braces on (and off) moments, first sleepovers, first overnight camps, middle and high school transitions. We had a big one this week: first time taking the car at night, out with friends, home by 11. Baby’s first curfew. We knew this would happen, and somehow when it did, when we had our Cats In the Cradle “what I’d really like dad is to borrow the car keys” moment, it felt like we took the crib out of her room like YESTERDAY. She drove off, in her dad’s car and her mom’s shoes, and we were just home in our pajamas like the middle-aged parents we are.

Time flies when you’re having kids.

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