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Beyonce and The Buzz

Saw a meme this week that said “you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce” and I thought … nope. That’s wrong. Beyonce has a team of people to do things for her that I have to do myself … laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, running to Walgreens because you’re out of dishwasher soap or deodorant. I mean, yes, in theory, we each have the same 24 hours each day BUT we don’t have the same resources or the same responsibilities. I imagine that Beyonce helps Blue Ivy with her homework, and I also imagine that Beyonce has no idea which aisle of the grocery store has just been rearranged rendering her curated list useless because that aisle is now one way going the wrong way. 

Except in one particular case: we each get one vote. Just one. One chance to show up every two or four years or the occasional special election and make a difference in our community, in our county, in our state, in our country. And when we fill out our absentee ballot or show up at the polling place, and the curtain closes behind us, it’s just us in there - with the ideals that matter most. 

At Book Club this week, one long time book club friend mentioned that her husband is not registered to vote and has indeed never voted. I literally had no idea that people like this truly existed in the same social circles I run in. I thought people who were uninformed or unengaged. Nope. It turns out that unregistered people just aren’t registered. Well, it’s too late to register now for the election that is FREAKING FINALLY in 9 days, but it’s NOT too late to make a voting plan. Find your polling place. Figure out the rules. Pack your mask and maybe a bottle of water or a snack if you expect to wait in line for a while. Block out the time. Smile at the volunteers at the polling place who are just there doing their part to advocate for the things that matter to them. 

And then, go into the booth, choose your candidates, check your work, and VOTE. Just like Beyonce, and the Buzz. 

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