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Big Week Ahead

Football is back! Thursday afternoon, Friday night, Saturday allllll day long, and Sunday allll day. My boys were playing football in the yard, and every time Notre Dame scored my husband blasted the fight song on the backyard Sonos speaker, and they’d come running in to watch the replay. They’ve got their NFL jerseys on. We ordered wings.

My game day is Tuesday. If you’re registered for a political party in Delaware, you can head to the polls (unless you voted early!) to cast your vote for who should be on the ballot for the general election in November. While football is just getting started, the primary on Tuesday is the playoffs for politics - and I’m here for it. And on Tuesday morning, first thing, I’m headed to the polls to vote for Lydia York for State Auditor. Here’s why. Lydia is both an accountant AND a lawyer, with a business degree from Wharton and a law degree from Temple — an unique combination that seems tailor-made for the role of State Auditor.

Tuesdays election is not about political party — you have to actually already be a registered member of a party to participate in it. It’s not about D vs R, it’s the showcase showdown of party dynamics. In my district, in my party (umm, do you have to ask?), there is only one race on the ballot - State Auditor. And so on my ballot, it’s integrity vs corruption. The Governor and General Assembly did not remove Kathy McGuinness, the corrupt, indicted, criminal state auditor from her role this year — they left it up to the voters to do that. On Tuesday, we have that chance. Don’t squander it.

MAKE YOUR VOTING PLAN. Mine is first thing in the morning, McKean High School. See you there.

P.S. OMG COVID. Don’t get it. Get your booster. Avoid this variant. TRUST ME.

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