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Checking In

How’s Summer Parenting going? This week, our boys had two spontaneous sleepovers in a row, rendering them completely useless for days. Our daughter is not letting $5/gallon gas slow her down, she’s just picking up more work to fuel her habit of picking up a friend and going thrifting, going for a walk, getting a sandwich, and generally living her best life. Us? We’re just here, working away, sometimes in the office (husband), sometimes in Dover at Legislative Hall (me), sometimes in the house.

Luckily our children are perfectly happy with dinner from the snack shack at the pool. The sunscreen is moving from place to place so my assumption is that they are using it. Everyone has some form of a summer cold. Having said that, I have no idea if anyone has consumed a fruit or a vegetable in days. Perhaps their summer colds are the early signs of scurvy? How could we tell?

As we’re setting in to the summer routine, we’ll increase the fruit offerings and keep making sure there is sunscreen available. Otherwise, they remain on their own.

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