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Chess not Checkers

Parenting is — without a doubt — chess, not checkers. You have to play several moves ahead at all times, see the whole board from every angle, and never let your guard down for even a minute. Which is why SmartMoms (TM) are already planning out their summers. You might be thinking that it is 25 degrees outside and the middle of February but know this: camps are filling up as.we.speak. Our Camp Buzz page has some great listings! And keep checking back here — summer programming is roaring back after a few dicey summers and we will have all the info you need.

ProTip: book some camps, and then find a HS teenager looking for a fun summer job and line them up for a few weeks as well. You won’t have to pack lunches or do drop-off, you’ll save a few $$, and the kids will love making a new teenage BFF. Bonus points if the teen can drive the kids to the pool, the park, the library. Everyone wins in this arrangement.

ProTip2: the past few summers have proven to be hard for buying kids swimwear. Don’t sleep on this. Your kids have outgrown everything they were able to wear in August and as swimwear is back in stores, recognize that you will need to buy some — and on the double if you are traveling for spring break. Also they lost their goggles last summer, make sure you get those too.

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