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Couch to Cocktail Party

The hilarious Holderness family did it again, this week with their re-entry video, where he’s clawing at the window to get out and she’s …… not so sure. She said she needs a little more time, maybe a training program, Couch to Cocktail Party.

Listen, this is a GOOD idea. This week’s gorgeous weather plus impending St. Patrick’s Day had me out at two different outdoor socially distanced social events on the patios and porches of friends and I. Am. Exhausted. My back hurts — I’m not used to standing for so long. I’m so tired - the combo of spring air, and several consecutive hours of socializing knocked me out. I’m not in shape for this. I need to slow it down - a light book club perhaps, or a small dinner party, where we sit throughout the socializing. Instead of a rest day, I think I may need a rest week - a full week between any social engagements until at least June, when I’ve had a little more time to get my lower back conditioned to standing around and I’ve figured out a better answer than “fine, we’re fine, it’s been fine, really, fine.”

But, seriously, spring plus low-ish COVID numbers plus vaccinated friends has the slow re-emergence beginning — reminding me how you can be totally ready and also totally unprepared for something all at once. This week’s plan was patio parties; next week’s plan is to go back into hibernation for just a little bit longer, finish those remaining pandemic projects, and keep checking the forecast and the data. And wait (impatiently) to be vaccinated. It won’t be long now.

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