Done is Better Than Perfect

It’s December 12. Another 12 days, and the Elf goes back and the presents are distributed. And so, it is time for this timely reminder: done is better than perfect.

The list is long. The days fly by. There are a lot of things to do between now and then and honestly, you can put in whatever effort you want but I promise promise promise you, done is better than perfect. Tired of wrapping gifts? GIFT BAGS. Done. Not sure what to give? GIFT CARDS. Done. Combing through recipe books looking for the perfect dessert for the vegan cousin? WHOLE FOODS. Done. Holiday cards? SKIP. Done.

Taking the shortest, least complicated path to success is still success, and you still get full credit, and you still can be proud of yourself. We are all doing our best, and sometimes our best is tossing a few things in a gift bag and turning on “And Just Like That”. Sometimes our best is admitting that your hard-to-shop-for nephew is actually just hard to shop for, and so you can give him a Target gift card and not exhaust yourself at every indie gift shop looking for something perfect for a college junior. Our 8th and 10th graders have long holiday wish lists of expensive items and honestly, we are giving everyone a healthy dose of disappointment on Christmas morning. DONE.

We can make ourselves crazy trying to make it all perfect, or we can agree that perfectly imperfect is the best kind of perfect of all and we can say done, done, done.


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