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Easter Musings

When the kids were very small, we dyed the eggs and hid the eggs and got the matching Easter outfits and read stories about both the religious origins of the holiday as well as the secular. We talked about spring as a time of rebirth, of beginning again, of starting over. I have a whole bin of cute springy Easter decorations, and that bin is sitting in the basement next to the bin that has the Valentine’s Day decor (minimal) and a few St. Patrick’s Day things (even more minimal).

None of it saw the light of day this year.

Guess what? Life goes on. Say it with me, friends, when the going gets tough, the tough says “good enough” and pours a glass from the Bota Box of Sauvignon Blanc and takes a few things off the list, and those things this time around were clearly spring seasonal decor. I can’t care about everything. Neither can you. If your faith is acknowledging a holiday of rebirth, embrace it. Reinvent yourself into whomever you want to be. For me, it’s a person that does not decorate for Easter.

Good enough.

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