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Fall Fun

If summer *has* to end, at least it ends in the best possible way - fall. Football games! Tailgates! Firepits! Trick or treating! Hayrides! Pumpkin picking! Apple picking! Apple pies and pumpkin pies and ooking forward to a holiday pie from That Pie Girl (seriously THE ACTUAL BEST) and tailgates with warm cider and sunshine and fire pits with friends that help us not miss the pool quite so much. There are so many fun fall events and we are trying to get to them ALL because it’s our very favorite, besides summer of course. Fall is here and we are here for it - with all the fun we can possibly pack into the great outdoors, where the kids can run and play and the risk of COVID transmission is lower than it is indoors.

Can you believe COVID is still here? Because we all know how this works - today it’s September but the Halloween candy is already in the stores, and there are Spirit of Halloween shops popping up in every old Dress Barn. Next, it’s mall kiosks for the holidays and cookie exchanges and then it’s New Year’s Eve and then time to book your spring break trip and then it will be March 2022 and that will be two years - TWO YEARS - of COVID. It’s not around the corner exactly, but it kind of is.

In June, Delaware was averaging 19 cases a day. Now, we are nearing 400. Get vaccinated. The life you save may be your own.

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