Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the dads and the “like a dads.” It’s a whole thing, the dads vs. the moms - isn’t it? Bless them all, the dads, with the extra scoop of ice cream and the shoulder rides on the Boardwalk and the slightly inappropriate jokes a few years too early and the no clue what the phone number of the pediatrician is, or how you have to call *exactly* at 8:30 if you are going to get a sick visit that day. Bless them, with not remembering which kid likes their burgers plain and which kid likes apples cut this way and which kid prefers them the other way. Bless them, with having no earthy clue what size clothing any of the children wear.

No matter what relationship you’re in, you’ve got one that fills this role. My friend E. and his partner, two men raising two children and hoping and planning for a third, have this division of duties too. So does my friend B. who is a single mom doing it all on her own - and it was her dad all those years who did the extra scoops and roller coasters and had no clue what the name of the teacher was. There’s always a yang to the ying of moms. And we’d be so much worse off without them.

Cheers to the dads. Happy Father’s Day with love and gratitude for all that you do, even if we do sometimes have to reload the dishwasher after you load it.

P.S. Do yourself a favor. Listen to Glennon Doyle’s podcast and specifically the episode entitled “Overwhelm.”

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