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Feeling ’22

The Class of ’22 is doing their thing. Look at all those graduates, surrounded by love and their families and their friends and their classmates. For the past few weeks, the college graduations and all the lovely traditions they include (Mount Holyoke has a CANOE SING!) have been rolling by on the news feeds - amazing grad speakers offering sage and hilarious advice to the regalia-clad grads. Next up - the local high schools, with their own sweet traditions - the end of year field trips, proms, pranks, painting the wall. It’s almost too much - the tears roll down my cheeks on the regular as I look at these tiny babies graduating and flying the nest, when just yesterday they learned how to ride bikes and write their own names.

And when a graduate is between their parents in the pictures and the grad is just a little bit taller? - it’s like a living example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Good luck and congratulations to all the grads … from the preschool grads with their dad’s backwards shirts on (CUTEST) to the 8th grade grads with their too long hair and too short pants (just my boys?), to the HS and college and masters and doctorate grads who are holding the paper that will get them to the next station.

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