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Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes ….

… how do you measure a year? In any other year,

Our facebook memories and time hops are filled with “the last time” … the last 5K, the last Guest Bartender, the last trip in the “before” times, the last time our eyebrows looked good, the last time we saw our friends from out of town. We know what lies behind us - the spring of isolation, the summer of careful outdoor living, the fall of confusion, and the longest of Long Winters. This just in: WE ARE READY FOR SPRING. We’re ready to re-emerge like perennials, coming up through the mulch and seeing the friends we missed all winter. Bring on the driveway drinks, outdoor coffees and happy hours, lunches on porches and dinners outdoors without heavy coats on. Bring on fire pits as the sun goes down. Bring on playground playdates. Bring on normalcy, or whatever shape that takes in the coming months. We’re ready.

And as ready as we are, we are stunned. Aren’t we? It’s been a year. We’ve lost time with friends, with family; we’ve lost rituals and rites of passage. Some of us have lost so much more. But we have not lost hope. Every day, more and more of my friends are vaccinated; my parents and aunts and uncles are vaccinated; my cousins in healthcare and education are vaccinated. Soon, it will be the rest of us - those of us that stay home to work. Will it be this spring? Summer? Will our teenagers get vaccinated? Either way, I know I’ll be rolling through town this spring rocking a cold shoulder and ready like Dolly for my shot.

Cheers to a year. We’ve (still) got this.

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