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Get Out The Vote

Long before I ever decided to run for office, my husband and I decided Brandywine Hundred would be home: the place we would start and raise our family. Our community is one of the oldest suburbs in Delaware, and it is home to some of the First State’s best schools, safest communities and thriving small businesses. But in 2020, we cannot take any piece of that for granted. In 2020, we need to vote.

I know that it can be easy to become disenchanted with politics, particularly in Presidential campaign years. But your voice - your vote - matters, especially locally. Your down-ballot candidates can work on efforts that impact your daily lives, like making sure you have clean water, safe roads, access to greenspace, and high-quality education for your kids. At the state level we can write equal rights protections into law that are otherwise under attack at the federal level. We can do all this, that is, only if we vote for action and progress this November. 

This idea of working on behalf of my community on policies that benefit us all is what motivated me to run for office this year. But there was also something else that was on my mind when I chose to take on this challenge. To be honest, it was a couple of little someones.

If I am elected this fall, I would be the only mom of young kids serving in the State Senate, and because of that, one of the fiercest champions for families. I’m in this for my two girls and for your kids, and everything I do will be to build a better future for them. Whether it’s working to make schools more equitable, keeping guns out of our schools and off of our streets, or making sure our children have everything they need to learn and grow - whether that’s a subsided meal during the school day, or high-quality universal Pre-K. 

No matter where you live, no matter who is on your ballot, you have the power to create lasting change for generations to come. We have the opportunity to vote, and the kids are counting on us to be their voice.  Let’s seize the opportunity, and ensure that we are all heard. 

Kyle Evans Gay is a mom, advocate, and attorney. She is currently running for State Senate in Brandywine Hundred. Learn more at

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