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Glass Ceilings

In front of a roaring and pretty excited crowd of revelers in the Chase Center parking lot and with the eyes of the world watching on television, Vice President Elect Kamala Harris walked onto the stage last night, wearing suffragette white and putting a crack in the glass ceiling that may be the final one before it shatters. I stood there with my daughter, in tears — watching the world become bigger in front of her eyes. Watching possibility form in front of her eyes. Watching her, as she watched a woman confidently walk on to a stage here in the United States of America and do something that no woman had ever done before. 

As MVP Kamala said, she may be the first, but she won’t be the last.

Dream big, girls. Everything is possible, with love and determination. 

She was the opening act for President Elect Joe, our collective friend and neighbor. We’ve sold him girl scout cookies at Janssen’s, seen him at our kids’ track meets and basketball games, bumped into him at Target, saw him at the Train Station or Browseabout Books or at the golf course when Hercules was still Hercules. When he walked onto the stage last night, we saw our Unifier-in-Chief. He has a big big job and a big agenda and I hope and pray that Americans can stand up and give him the chance to lead. I know there will be people thinking that that sounds rich coming from me, that I never gave him a chance … and I just reviewed my blog from four years ago, to see what I said. It was this:

"Someone I know a little bit asked me to join a Facebook group this week called “Not My President.” I declined. If I refuse to acknowledge Mr. Trump as my president, doesn’t that make me as bad as the birthers who for years refused to acknowledge President Obama? When they go low, we go high. I can only hope that the fear is the worst part. I can only hope that the campaign threats don’t materialize and that the campaign promises do - I can only hope that … well, I can only hope.”

There was hope four years ago. There is hope again today. BUT HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY. We have work to do. 

Dream big, America. Everything is possible, with hope and unity. 

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