Cute halloween costumes are so far in our rear view mirror that I can barely remember them — but it all comes rushing back when I see a toddler holding a pumpkin bucket or a merry band of “graders” (that’s what my littles called big kids that were in a “grade” and not “pre-k”) dressed up in a theme like the year our boys went as ‘holidays’ and one was santa, one was the easter bunny, one was a leprechaun, one was Uncle Sam, one was baby new year) - it all comes rushing back.

Take me back - not forever, but just for a little while - just to the day of the PreK Halloween parade or the time the Cat in the Hat walked proudly up to every door in the neighborhood in the rain, her tail sopping wet from the rain, all four years old, and collected so much candy because she was so cute that people kept giving her extra. Take me back to the year that my three were Hermione, Ron and Harry and broke my nerd book loving heart.

This year? They have homework and will answer the door for the new littles in the neighborhood, and I’ll wonder where the time went.

P.S. Make your voting plan! You can vote early in Delaware - so even if you are working ALLL DAY on election day, no excuses. Learn more here: https://elections.delaware.gov/information/elections/votinglocations.shtml

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