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Happy Anniversary!

Happy Shutdownversary, says my pal in The Group Chat this morning. Talk about stopping me in my tracks. I mean, I know it and I knew it but taking a moment to reflect on the past two years is getting me in my feelings. Two years. As always, I thank my luckiest stars for having kids in Middle School when this all started. Also grateful for the freelance clients that let me go the week of the shutdown, freeing up my time and energy to really be present with my kids during the beginning months of the pandemic. And of course, our continued luck in threading the needle and avoiding COVID in our own home. It took sacrifices, for sure, but also we just got lucky.

Hoping the luck holds as we navigate the next few months, with the return of field trips and end-of-year school events. And hoping we can take that luck outdoors — with snow on the ground outside this morning, we are headed to the 70s on Friday and I am so here for it. Longer, warmer days must mean that spring and summer are around the corner. Some schools are on spring break now — the rest of us are gearing up. Let’s keep our heads down and no sudden movements and we’ll get there. We can do it! Both actually and metaphorically, the days are getting brighter. With a little luck of the Irish, maybe they’ll stay that way.

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