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Hectic for the Holidays

We bumped into the Grinch on Friday night at Penn Cinema, posing for pics with kids and walking through the lobby with a fair number of adults and small children dressed in Spiderman costumes. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that people would be dressed up in costumes, but I am HERE FOR IT. I have asked my children if they will accompany me to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Franklin and they said yes, but not if I dress up. Glad these Spiderfamilies have the support they need to be their authentic selves and live their truth. Also JK Rowling and her anti-inclusiveness can bite me but I will never stop loving Harry Potter and the rest of the Dumbledore’s Army kids. I will never stop hoping for my letter from Hogwarts.

Also this - why did I pay an ADULT ticket rate for a handful of teenagers. This makes no sense to me. They are not considered to be adult in literally any other place - they can’t sign a form on their own behalf, they can’t drive a car, they are too young to have a job. I’m not sure I can even get them a debit card. But okay, movies. Adult rate. Sure, sure.

The lines are blurry for adults and kids sometimes. Like when they are little, bringing their letters to Santa or standing on a step stool to decorate the cookies, there is no question who is the adult and who is the kid. But teenagers? All three of mine are taller than I am. One of them told me once, when he was little, that if I wasn’t home who would do “tall things” and here we are, he is doing the tall things too. But at Christmastime, they are definitely all still kids. They are ridiculously excited for Christmas even though their lists were detailed and with links, and we have no energy to think beyond that. They have seen me wrapping gifts while they wander through in search of snacks or chargers. And also they are adults, really needing a break this year and eager for the traditions that have felt even more precious during the COVID crisis. The lines are blurry, and they are getting ever more blurry - like christmas lights in a picture you try to take as you are in the passenger seat, zooming by. You can see the outline and the structure of the adults they are becoming, and the brightness makes you blink back tears.

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