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Here We Go Again

The CDC recommends that we all shout “do over” and run to the sidelines and start again. And again. In our house, we’re beginning the new year with as many protections as we possibly can — 3/5 boosted, 2/5 fully vacced and waiting for the chance at a booster. Say what you want about teenage children - and I can say plenty - at least they are treated like adults in the particular category of vaccine eligibility. I wish all of us were lucky enough to have access to vaccines for our children.

Regardless of our booster status, I’m anticipating some general bumpiness in the road ahead and resolved to stay flexible, remain patient, and recognize that if schools stay open or close, if amenities are available or not, the only thing I can control is my reaction to it. I saw that a favorite restaurant was closed for a few days because of a staff shortage; when I shared this on insta, someone messaged me that the same is happening with childcare centers - and if childcare is closed, then parents need to call out of their jobs, and then those places might need to close…. and on and on. Deep breaths required, from us all. What happens is out of our control; if we remain flexible, and our bosses remain flexible, and our families remain flexible, we’ll get through it.

Here’s a trick I use: feeling super irritated, annoyed, whatever on the phone, when sending an email, when waiting in line - just literally arrange your face in a smile. Something about doing that makes me actually feel happier and not just look happier. Try it.

Also stay home if you’re sick, get boosted, wash your hands, wear a mask.

Here we go again.

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