In case you haven’t heard, the course of history changed just a bit this week, when #MVP Kamala Devi Harris became the first woman inaugurated into national office. It’s monumental because she’s the first but also because it was only 100 years ago that women could vote at all, only around 45 years ago that women could open a credit card in their own name and not be fired for getting pregnant, only 30 years ago that spousal rape was criminalized in all 50 states, and only eight - EIGHT - years ago that women could serve in combat in our armed forces.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

Also monumental is the truly modern family happening in the U.S. Naval Observatory — a Black/Southeast Asian woman married to a Jewish man with two kids from his previous marriage. Their mother was at the inauguration with them as a close friend of the Vice President’s as well as family of the Second Family. We’ve got our first Second Gentleman, Mayor Pete in the Cabinet, an all-female press office, and Dr. Biden’s going back to work soon. This is not your grandparent’s leadership team and I am HERE FOR IT.

Women have been holding up much more than our half of the sky, and largely unrecognized for it, for centuries. By electing one of our own to the next-to-top job in our country is showing our daughters what they can do — but it also shows our grandmothers what we have been doing all this time. Working, leading, parenting, loving, cooking, organizing, volunteering, bringing home the bacon AND frying it up. When I see Vice President Harris doing her thing, it empowers me and encourages me to keep doing mine.

The course of history, I mean HERstory, changed a bit this week, indeed. Let’s see what happens next.

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