Hoco Pocus

Parents of teenagers are in the midst of surviving the fall social season known as Homecoming. HOCO. HC. It’s been a rollercoaster of football games, the DREADED spirit weeks, frantically checking the weather, jackets to the dry cleaner, YOU NEED A BELT! WHERE IS YOUR BELT??, dresses getting hemmed (really, shorter? okay, shorter!), shoes being left in minivans as the smartest generation of girls change right out of those strappy heels and into their kicks, ordering flowers, what do you mean your shoes don’t fit?, and pictures pictures pictures.

I will never stop loving the hoco pics of my friends’ kids - no matter if I know them or not! - bc no matter where you live, they are all just one big reminder that these kids are in this together. College and HS friends (acquaintances but okay) are all over the country and from Orlando to Oregon to Indianapolis to Indian River, the dresses are short and the heels are high and the khakis are khaki and the navy blazers are navy and it’s all too cute to take.

The years really do fly by!

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