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Homicron for the Holidays

The music on WJBR is the same, the ornaments are the same, the recipes are the same — but the vibe is so, so different. Think back to the holidays in 2019, and then the holidays in 2020, and then now. 2019, in the Before Times, who knows? A blur of holiday festivities. Last year? SAD TROMBONE. Now, this year, we have been to a few holiday parties and gatherings; it’s lovely to see friends again, lovely to be in the world admiring holiday decorations in a place that isn’t my own home. Is it the calm before another storm? We are hoping not, of course, but say it with me: HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY. To that end, as much as we are enjoying the holiday events, we are also continuing to be both cautious and careful. And that is why I ended up taking my brother in law to NYC to see To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway the weekend before Thanksgiving for my 18 year anniversary. My husband had a terrible cold - truly, worse than a man-cold, and he just said he couldn’t imagine sitting in a theatre next to a stranger and coughing/sniffling without sending that person home in a full-blown panic. I also canceled lunch with a friend and her new baby, just in case it was something worse than a bad cold. It wasn’t. My husband took two rapid tests and a PCR test and they were all negative; he felt better after a few more days and life has gone on. But cautious and careful remain the theme of the holidays this year.

We are doing our best to keep Omicron at bay, washing our hands while we recite the Greek Alphabet (phi chi psi omega) in honor of us working our way through variant after variant. We’re masking in places where the general public is, but not among friends at private parties. We are incrementally loosening our safety protocols after booster doses a few weeks back. We’ve decided to get our kids boosted if/when they are eligible. We’re taking our Airborne. Here’s hoping it’s enough, and we won’t get sidelined by COVID for Christmas.

Here’s hoping for happy holidays for us all.

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