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It’s the Most Whatever Time of the Whatever

This week, Hanukkah begins — the annual celebration of the miracle of light, the miracle of when too little is - in fact - enough, the miracle of patience and grit. The miracle of light in the darkness.

We’ve never needed the symbolism of Hanukkah more. Our elected officials and medical professionals and (some) school administrators are PLEADING with us to stay home. They are pleading with us to be patient. They are pleading with us to consider the health and survival of others in every decision we make that involves the world outside of our front doors.

It’s so hard. It’s so necessary. We need to keep telling ourselves that we can do hard things. We can tell our kids no when they ask if they can go to a friend’s house, and we can suffer through them being mad at us. We can exhaust ourselves even more and push through the hell that is family game night, family movie night, family baking night. We can go on yet another hike.

We can take a year off from our holiday traditions and they will still be our traditions when we can safely and wisely go back to them. We can make new memories in the meantime.

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