It Takes A Village

The Flower Market was back for a hot minute after COVID and Dolly Parton spent the lunch hour on Thursday at the Wilmington Library and it’s Mental Health Awareness Month and it feels like everything is happening at once. But the biggest one of all is that the first of allll the babies in our flock graduated from college yesterday. Read that again - a baby that I held in the hospital, that I met the day after he was born (I was busy that first day as his mother has reminded me again and again), that over the years has spent countless hours at my house, babysitting my kids or helping us move furniture, is officially a college graduate.

This was the kid that did it all first, and the kid that I had the great joy of living closest to. I will not ever forget that when my twins got off the bus after their first day of kindergarten, the first thing they told me was that they saw him in the hallway.

In all the baby book moments - first smile, first day of school, first track meet, first opening night - this one has got to feel pretty big: first degree. Congrats to him, this very newest holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree, and to his parents that held his hand along the way, and to everyone who has a bird about to fly the nest in one way or another. Happy Mother’s Day to us all, and especially my friend Jen who had our first baby so we could all practice and then raised him to be a fully formed adult. She would say it takes a village, and I’m so proud to be a villager for this kid.

Cheers to the moms, aunts, stepmoms, friends, cousins, neighbors, grandmothers, and all the people who play the roles. It takes a village.

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