Keep Your Friends Close …

… and your enemies closer. Amiright, Heidi Cruz? Because one of your “Lovelies” SOLD YOU OUT this week, prompting women nationwide to make sure their group texts are locked down like last March. My own most active group chat is floating the idea of an NDA. We know stuff, and we’ve got the receipts.

But seriously, can we talk about the group chats for a sec? Because mine give me life, on the daily. Whether it’s a meme or a tweet that pops up, or your work friend texting you on the sly during a zoom so you can collectively roll your eyes at someone else on the zoom, or it’s your college besties group or your neighborhood moms group - the group chats are giving us what we are really missing this winter: our friends.

And one of the real silver linings of COVID has been that the soft underbellies of frenemyships have been exposed. Like, unexpected regular check-ins in Month One and Two have become the life-affirming friendships sustained by the group chats of Month Eleven. Similarly, some of the friendships seem to have withered a bit. Will they - with the regular watering and feeding that comes with reemerging from our cocoons - spring back to life? No one knows, but one thing is for sure: friends come and friends go, but group chat screen shots are forever.

Like I said, we’ve got the receipts.

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