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Let It Snow

SNOW! Because being trapped in the house didn’t feel trappy enough, let Mother Nature plant 6” or more (who knows???) outside of our doors, just in time for the Groundhog to tell us it’s going to be six more weeks of winter. I am not sure you realized, but six more weeks puts us squarely into the middle of march and we’ll all mark a full year of the COVID crisis.

First of all, FREAKING AMAZING. Great job everyone. Brilliant. Your entire routine got completely upended and you still managed to do ALL THE THINGS, and even more of the things. Remember when, last March, we thought we couldn’t do it? We thought it might be a few rough months? We’ve done it, and we’ve done it again. And again. And now, we can see what lies ahead. Every day, every single day, more people in our communities get vaccinated. Every day, we get closer - as a community - to the promised land of “no COVID restrictions.”

But WDEL’s reporter Amy Cherry tweeted on Friday that the UK strain of COVID-19 is here in Delaware thanks to two adults and a child that attended a family gathering with people from out of state where the variant has been found. So this next section is me communicating directly to these people: I hope you are staying home. I hope that you came home from this essential family gathering and immediately quarantined, and got tested 7 days later, and continued to quarantine until your negative results arrived. The rest of us that are staying home, staying safe, not seeing our own families are a little tired of doing all the work on this group project while you just sit back and let us do it. We too want to see our families. We too want to go on spring break and escape the cold. We too are all done with this pandemic.

But - and stop me if you’ve heard this before - it’s not done with us. We seem to have turned a corner in Delaware, and the numbers are slowly improving (although still abysmal). Now is not the time to let up the hard work we’ve been doing. If you got a little lax over the holidays, it’s time to tighten back up. We still need to keep doing our part, even if it sucks (it does) and even if we’re tired (we are), and even if our kids are struggling (whose aren’t?). We have to keep going.

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