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Limping Toward the Finish

Here we are. Spring break is in the rearview for us all, finally, after what felt like the longest winter. And somehow a week from now is MAY and it’s time for allll the field trips and year end events and proms and graduations and senior banquets and sports banquets and mothers day and fathers day and the spring sacraments and it is going to be a wild, wild few weeks. Buckle up.

And before it gets too crazy, just go ahead and get the end of year gift cards. Stop pretending you are going to do some custom cricut thing and just and cross it off your list. Book the hair and nail and spray tan and other necessary appointments so your 8th grade twins don’t look like the raggediest kids at the 8th grade moving up ceremony (me). Cross those calls off your list too. Anything else you can think of that you can do ahead, do that too - buy graduation cards in bulk, order mothers day flowers, load up on field trip sunscreen. Recognize that you will get take out more than usual.

It is seriously somehow that time of year and we are limping - as usual - toward the finish. Carb up, stay hydrated, and focus. You can do it.

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