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Teenagers can be something else, amirite? But somehow this weekend, it was magic. Call it almost spring break, call it Mother Nature breaking that absurd cold snap, or call it what it was … actually magic. When the kids are little, I feel like the magic happens more regularly. First time they sleep all night? Sheer magic. First time they say your name, quiet playing time, sleeping soundly during the whole flight or car ride, discovering new things - so much magic. During the teenage years, not so much.

But Friday night my kid walked on stage in heels and a blazer looking like she was 25 and spoke about a one-scene play she had written, which was produced at the Delaware Theatre Company that evening. Her teacher showed up to see it in person, and in the loveliest of gestures brought her own daughter with her. Teachers, don’t sleep on the Delaware Young Playwrights Festival - my kid made new friends at other schools, had a fabulous experience turning her creative energy into a fully worked production, and it was such an honor - and so much fun - to see five shows from five different kids produced in one stage festival. I can’t stop thinking about how available these kids are through their art. One show focused on a renegade teacher helping a kid (teachers gotta teach), one was about a kid going through a crisis and accepting help, one was about the stress of driver ed, one was about the 2nd string QB, and one was about the future daughter of a future female president - and together they were woven together to tell a clear story of kids using art as a protective factor during the formative teenage years. Magic.

And then, even after being woken up early, the 8th grade twins were friendly and fun and funny while they attended the Harry Potter exhibit at the Franklin with their parents and friends (not their friends, their PARENTS’ friends. Don’t ask.). One even went out of his way to thank me for bringing them to the exhibit, which had some cool interactives and great movie memorabilia including wands and costumes and the sorting hat. They tossed the quaffle at the quidditch pitch and took a portkey with their mom and even posed for pictures in the cupboard under the stairs. We didn’t hit any traffic and had no trouble parking. MAGIC.

When the magical moments are fleeting, and when the college years are looming ever closer, you really do appreciate the magical moments even more. Here’s hoping for a spring (and spring break!) full of them!

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