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March Madness

March arrives this week - and with it, the usual madness. Hoops on TV, spring break looming, the kids have outgrown every article of clothing they own but don’t bother buying pants, they will be in shorts full time soon enough. Their sneakers need replacing as the spring sports season arrives. Also coming soon: the two year anniversary of the day our lives forever changed with those emails and phone calls from schools, telling us to keep the kids home for “two weeks” while we regroup for what’s next.

Fast forward, and here we are - the mask mandates expiring, the cases declining, the crocus starting to appear. You know what else is starting to appear? Allll the kid illnesses that we have avoided over the past two years of kids keeping their faces covered at school. As we prepare for what lies ahead, make sure you’ve got a good supply of gatorade, pedialyte, airborne, and some kids decongestant — my doctor friend says we’re going to need it.

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